The combination between Dentons and 大成 is now effective. For information on the firm's global capabilities please visit As a courtesy to clients and others seeking information on the Firm's capabilities in China this website will remain public for several months.

Dentons Holds Lecture on "Legal Issues in Mining Investment in Developing Countries - African Perspective"

A few days ago, Dentons China held a successful lecture on “Legal Issues in Mining Investment in Developing Countries – African Perspective” at its Beijing office. The lecture was hosted by Yang Guisheng, head of Energy, Natural Resources and Environment Practice of our Beijing office, and lectured by Qian Xuekai, practice leader at the Beijing office. In addition to the presence of lawyers in related practices, lawyers from western China who came Dentons’ Beijing office on a training program also attended the lecture. Colleagues in across our China offices participated in the lecture through video conferencing as well.

The mining, energy and natural resources is one of Dentons China's key practice areas. Dentons China now has a team of highly skilled lawyers with land resources experience and related technical backgrounds. They can provide professional and quality legal services in energy and mining to domestic and overseas clients operating in areas such as oil, natural gas, LNG, coalbed methane, emerging energy (wind, solar), electricity (hydropower, coal, geothermal power, gas power generation, nuclear electric power, photovoltaic power generation, etc.), non-ferrous metal and non-metal projects and related infrastructure construction, carbon emission trading, and carbon asset management. The practice covers a wide range of major energy and mineral locations around the world.

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