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Media Reports

Media Reports

Dacheng Attorney Interviewed by CCTV-2 on NDRC Antitrust Probe into Qualcomm
On July 23, 2014, Dacheng’s Beijing-based partner Deng Zhisong was interviewed by Economic News (“Jingji xinxi lianbo” in Chinese pinyin), a CCTV-2 program on the eye-catching anti-trust investigat...
Dacheng Attorney Interviewed by Global Times over Crowd Funding
On July 15, 2014, Beijing-based senior partner Gao Mingfei was interviewed by Global Times over four questions in connection with crowd funding. The questions were as follows: first, how Gao understan...
Taiyuan-based Attorney Interviewed by CCTV-1 on Mafia-style Crime Ring Case
On May 25, 2014, attorney Ma Jun from Dacheng’s Taiyuan office was interviewed by News Broadcast (“XinwenLianbo”), a CCTV-1 news program, on the case of Liu Han and Liu Wei who were sentenced to de...
China's simplified (and cheaper) company registration process
China’s updated company law will take effect on March 1. Leo Zhou Liang, senior partner at Dacheng Law Offices, highlights the key changes for corporates. There are four key revisions in China’s n...
Chinese SOE eschews large globals on M&A deal
China’s largest nuclear energy provider has chosen a small local firm with international connections as its Australian counsel on a US$190 million M&A deal. Firms: The Beijing arm of Dacheng La...
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